Tom Elliott

The Intimacy You Desire

This online course is the perfect guide and must-have accompaniment to the book "The Intimacy You Desire," and includes supplemental videos for every chapter and a special Facebook group for sharing and encouragement!

Tom Elliott

3 Great Ways to Use Technology with God

During this course, you will learn three specific ways to more consciously and intimately grow in specific spiritual gifts and graces through apps on your iPhone and/or iPad.

Tom Elliott

Praying with Scripture

This amazing online retreat offers an introduction to three styles of praying with Scripture--lectio divina, imaginative prayer, and the prayer of consideration, with details and directions on how to apply them to your prayer time!

Tom Elliott

Amazing Prayer!

Experiencing Meaningful and Intimate Personal Prayer

Tom Elliott

Godly Responses to Ungodly Situations

We all experience suffering. How can we respond to it in a healthy way? This course names the five most common sources of suffering in life and then offers four practical and Godly responses!

Cindy Shaw & Tom Elliott

That Retreat

This amazing four-week retreat in daily life is perfect individuals or groups who are interested in meditating on the truth of God's love. You will enjoy an introduction to the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola!