Amazing Prayer and Connecting with Christ Bundle

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This bundle package offers you the online course, "Amazing Prayer" as well as the online retreat, "Connecting with Christ"!

During this online course, “Amazing Prayer!” you will learn a practical pathway to the gift of personal prayer. You will learn a way to to experience deeper intimacy with God that you can easily replicate in your own prayer life.

Through lessons, as well as mediations, you will not only learn how to make personal prayer deeply meaningful and engaging by making it relaxed, regular, and relational, but you will experience it!

  • In the first lesson, “Make it Relaxed,” you will learn how intimate prayer is similar to having coffee with a best friend. You will be given specific ways to create an intimate space for daily personal prayer and you will receive help making it a reality.
  • The second lesson, “Make it Regular,” will teach you about the importance of being consistent in prayer and help you create a non-negotiable prayer time each day.
  • Next, you will learn how to “Make it Relational” by learning the hallmarks of healthy human relationships and applying them to your relationship with God.
  • The final lesson in the course, “A Conversational Structure of Prayer,” will give you a simple structure for your personal prayer time, based on the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola.

During the "Connecting with Christ" retreat, you will learn how your relationship with Christ is similar to other important relationships in your life. You will learn how the tools you use to experience intimacy with family members and friends are the same tools you can use to experience intimacy with Christ!

Ideally, you will choose to enjoy this retreat with family members and friends in a small group. If you choose to host the retreat in a group, all of you will meet once a week for about an hour and a half to share with one another and to watch the weekly spiritual formation video.

  • In week one of the retreat, you will share with Christ moments when you have experienced the gift of love in its many different forms and you will learn a new, more relational way, of viewing prayer.
  • During week two, you will listen to Jesus share some of His most human experiences and you will enjoy a teaching on Christology—the study of Christ.
  • Week three of the retreat offers you opportunities to share with Jesus some of the most meaningful experiences that are part of life and to feel your connectedness with Him as you share. You will also learn the importance of naming the most significant things that are happening in your heart.
  • During the fourth week of retreat, the meditations will invite you to share with Jesus your desire to grow in various virtues, as well as listen to Christ’s experience of those virtues. During the video presentation, you will learn about Imaginative Prayer, Ignatius of Loyola’s favorite style of prayer.
  • Throughout the fifth week, you will listen to Christ share His experience of some of the most common human fears, and you will share your experience of those fears with Him. You’ will also learn the difference between meditation and contemplation and how to find spiritual material to meditate on.
  • By the final week of the retreat, you will have learned all of the steps necessary to have meaningful and intimate conversations with Jesus every day in prayer!

Amazing Prayer and Connecting with Christ Bundle includes these courses

Amazing Prayer!
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Connecting with Christ
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